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Are you going crazy at this time of year, trying to wrap up projects and cross things off your “to do” list before you take a break for winter holidays? In our frenzy to get stuff done and manage the stress of the season, something gets lost.

Research the different companies in your area that fall within your industry. Find the person that is responsible for hiring and you know you need to target.

From Adam’s standpoint, this is just yet another sign that shows that his heart is first and foremost in helping others to the best of his ability — something that we have also seen in his charitable non profit organization campaign for his 29th birthday. If you want to see just how big of an Adam fan we have here with Jessi, all you have to do is look to the left of this article.

3) The possibilities for income are endless. The sky’s the limit. Your earning potential is completely determined by you and your willingness to work hard. If your goal is to become a millionaire it is possible. Are you more interested in buying a new vehicle adding to your child’s reputable local charities college fund or doing some extensive traveling? These goals are possible too. You will now have the income to pay off those nagging old debts, save money for retirement, give to charitable organizations, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of along the way.

Write it out. Actions are more important than words for non-profit charities. Organizations are struggling to survive and help others because of the inconsistent and slow flow of donations from individuals. To make much of your plan to donate to a list of charities, you need to plan it out. At the start of the year, include the worth of your periodic donations.

This song is a timeless classic. Although I adore Thom and know he would never disrespect an artist like Neil Young, I still couldn’t believe my ears after hearing his version. Thom hits every note and sings the song to perfection. I could not imagine any other artist today being able to pull this off. It’s pure magic.

Albom chose to help out the Pilgrim Church (also known as I am My Brother’s Keeper), located at 1435 Brainard Street in Detroit. He said there was a huge hole in the roof, which allowed rain and snow to pour in. “They built a plastic tent inside the church,” the columnist and radio host said. That’s when Albom met the pastor, a man by the name of Henry Covington.

This year, CARE partnered with Threadless, an online t-shirt design community, to raise money to improve the health and education of women and children in developing countries. More than 100 artists submitted designs for a CARE-themed t-shirt. In an online vote, “Mother is a Daughter is a Mother” by Israeli artist Shahaf Gurevich, was chosen as the winning design. With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of each shirt benefit CARE.