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Are you trying to set up your very own home theater? Trying to find out how to go about setting the perfect one up? There are many things to consider when it comes to home theater design. It’s easy to get carried away with all the little details but it’s better to focus on the most important parts such as the equipment, furniture, and lighting. Here are some tips for getting the right design.

Lets get one thing straight; If you are upgrading your TV and amplifier for the first time in seven to ten years and you unplug them from a long white strip with a lit up red on/off switch, you better be replacing that too. White strips are good for one thing and that is plugging your Christmas lights into. If you think about replacing them with a fancy one with ports on the top and side that is a little thicker just because you found it in the Home theater installation section of your local retailer and it said that the product was insured for up to $5,000,000 then you need a little reality check. Allow me to give it to you in a few words.

Prep up-prepare all the tools and materials that you will need.Make sure that everything is organized so it’s easy for you to access.You can start assembling some things before the actual set up so it will lessen the hassle.

Don’t spend more than you plan on. Setting a budget is the best way not to spend more than you can afford on your project, or more than your house is worth. Create a comprehensive budget and then stick with it until the end of your project.

Trust me on this. If the design of your home entertainment system doesn’t match the rest of your home it’s going to be an eyesore. An eyesore you will probably have to live with for a long, long time.

Once you’ve got a good floor plan, your next step is to set up soundproofing and insulation. It’s important for a home theater to retain most or all of its sound, so that it sounds really professional. Wood and tile are big no-no’s in home theater flooring; you need something soft and able to absorb the sound. Otherwise, the sound will just bounce off the floors or echo out of the room. Experts usually recommend wall-to-wall carpeting for this purpose.

Learn how to optimize your screen size for maximum impact, set proper viewing distances, deal with room acoustics, speaker placement, room lighting, and how to establish a strong overall design concept.

Learn how to save money on the Internet. It is a tremendous resource for researching Home Theater Equipment and for finding the best prices. Links are provided throughout this eBook to some of the best web sites to choose your system and other Home Theater Design enhancements. Learn the pros and cons of Internet shopping and how to find a Custom installer near you.

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