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Have you ever played with your food and do you have pets? These are two requirements for a fun time and one that could win you a prize. Check out the cool contest going on to where you can make a dough dog out or Pillsbury dough and photograph it. What a fun way to create something cute but edible and maybe share it with your pooch.

I may be outnumbered at least 4,000 to one, but guess what, I, Evan J. Batten a Denver native, Bronco fan, and an admirer of pure football talent want to Flacco poster to stay right where it is. At least until after Thursday night that is.

Although experiencing a morning in Denver, Colorado is a blessing. The sun slowly rising over the Mile High City, casting a cool pink glaze and orange glow over the skyscrapers with an appearance that Auto Followers Instagram can’t even create a proper filter to replicate.

When I first became a contributor for, I used to post as many of the press releases that I received with a thank you to the source. I was sent an email from telling me that they did not want to post press releases, even if I credited the source. Even though I wish we could share the over 60 press releases promoting the arts that I receive each day, I just can’t. A story must be made of the information, as it makes it more compelling than just sharing basic information. Now with over 180,000 people sharing my arts articles, I feel blessed that I can share truth, arts and important information that others may find interesting.

Google will continue to evolve with the expansion of street view taking users from on the street right into retailers. You will be able to check out a store’s shop without actually visiting it.

Consistency is Key – As with most things in life, consistency in your online business is key. If you spend ten hours one day uploading inventory and then you don’t touch your website for a week, you won’t experience much success. You must be consistent in your attention to and progress with your business. If, as a corporate employee, you worked 8 hours a day on one day and then didn’t come into work for a week, would you still have a job? Likely not. Remember that principle when you go to sell online.

Lightt is free in the Apple app store and can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. So try it out and see what fun moments you can capture and share with your friends.