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80% of home business owners fail and quit within the first year and 80% of that remaining number will depart from the home business niche every single year. So, statistically speaking, out of 100 people who start their own business, in the first year, only 20 are left. Then 4, then 1. Scary numbers, indeed.

Spend 80% or 90% of your time marketing your business. This means promoting your landing page to build your mailing list. It means getting the links back to your website where people can find you.

So whats your great idea? How can you ready yourself so you can begin to build your business in the way you want it to be? Where and when do you start? What steps should you take in order to be successful? Here are a few smart tips you can use to start you in the right path to success.

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven consecutive times because he worked harder than his opponents. He rode his bicycle for six hours tips de empresas a day committed to a stringent diet and had a mental toughness that propelled him to the top of the sport. Individual sports can be incredibly liberating. If the star player on a failing basketball team decides to take up marathon running, they are no longer bound by the talent of their contributing members! Their success is up to them! In many ways, however, this can be unbelievably intimidating and pressure filled.

Listen to your gut. If your instincts tell your something then try to listen to them, for example if people say something’s not good or not worth the risk take into consideration their thoughts and opinions as well as your own. Don’t just do what people say just because you think they might know better they might not!

Now granted, it’s probably harder today to take a home business off line as there are expenses involved that you don’t have online. But it’s not impossible. Those same ebooks that you’re creating and selling for ungodly amounts of money…well, you may not get that much in a hard cover, but you can certainly have the book published and sell it for $9.95. Imagine if that book was actually GOOD. You’d have it in just about every major book retailer in the country. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, if it does to you, then your home business is probably not much of anything.

If you’re not making enough money? Get upset! Go find more business! If your competition is coming down aggressively? Get even more upset! Go get more business than you’ve ever done before (try not to do anything nasty to the competition though – it’ll turn around and bite you eventually). Don’t have enough prospects coming in? Get upset! Be relentless in getting more marketing strategies in place for your home business.

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