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So often, taken for granted boat trailers can destroy your fishing outing even before you get to the water – if you let them. The key is in maintenance.

Once your tires lose traction, your first action should be to evaluate the situation. Don’t immediately go to the warn vantage vs provantage and start un-spooling your winch cable; winching can be dangerous and you may have safer options. Start by identifying what is holding you up. If you are stuck on an obstacle, you may be able to jack up your vehicle and remove it. Use one of your wood pieces as a platform for the jack, to keep it from sinking on unstable ground.

At the ramp, remove any tie-downs you may have on your boat. The Florida Keys requires boat tie-downs on all boat trailers entering the keys, however every where else they are optional. Our opinion is it depends on the distance you are traveling with the boat trailer and your security with your trailer and winch.

At one time bed sheets came in white cotton. Now there is a wondrous amount of colors, style, and patterns. Being familiar with the terms queen or king size doesn’t always get you the right size sheets. There is no set standard on sizes. So make sure to measure you mattress length, thickness, and width. This will defiantly resolve any disappointment when you assemble the bed.

Although this list is in no particular order, Rock Rails (sometimes called rocker guards) are my number one choice for top billing. Rock rails protect the entire side of your Jeep, including saving your doors from dings at the mall, trees on the trail, and sliding sideways off a steep hill into a giant boulder. (I’ve had all these things happen to me, and my Jeep still has no scratches or dings on the rockers or doors.) There are many choices out there, but some of the strongest ones I’ve seen are actually the stock Rubicon rails. They don’t stick out too far which is a negative, but there are aftermarket weld-ons that can take care of that. If you want style however go for some beefy aftermarket ones LOD Rugged Ridge and Smittybuilt electric winch have some good choices).

Never drive beyond the limits of visibility. At night rainy best winch roads become especially treacherous. The glare of oncoming lights, amplified by the rain on your windscreen, can cause temporary loss of visibility while substantially increasing driver fatigue. In rainy conditions pedestrians, livestock, and wildlife are extremely hard to spot and even harder to avoid.

Began to pull, twist Sola If your car, and you have to drive in the car, the best a man in the car to help you. In this way, the driver can command the vehicle’s instructions, in the vehicle control electric winch.

Once you are certain the sailboat winch is reassembled correctly, lightly brush on some clean winch grease. Some owners think that because they won’t get around to servicing their winches for a long time, the smart strategy is to pack them with so much grease they will last for years. This is a bad idea and only makes a big mess down the road.