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After taking that narrow mountain road, your car got stuck. Not a soul around for miles, and the snow is coming down in buckets. Thinking you had things covered, you had a six pack of energy bars in the emergency kit you put in the trunk for just such an emergency last spring. But now it’s the middle of winter, and those energy bars look pretty bad. Melted numerous times, then frozen into rock hard sticks, you can kiss your teeth good by if you try eating one of those.

Please remember: if there is no electricity, the electric can opener will not work. Make sure you have a hand-operated can opener somewhere in your kitchen.

Kosher salt is a large-grain salt that is also good in cooking. Its flavor is more neutral. This salt is a favorite of chefs like Alton Brown, who sprinkle it liberally when cooking.

I keep some high visibility surveyors ribbon wrapped around a bit of yardstick. This surveyor’s “tape” is great for tracking your steps in the wilderness or leaving a trail for rescuers. It is very lightweight and can be indispensable if you need to leave a trail.

The most important thing you can do in advance of a tornado is to identify where you will wait out the storm. When you have identified the safest place in your home, put together a “twister kit” that you can store right there. If you have a basic tornado bag stored in your safe place you won’t have to take precious time gathering necessary supplies before you take cover. This could save your life if a fast-moving tornado is headed in your direction.

Holy Moly you are saying! It is a huge amount of food a year! Indeed but you will find that it is not too difficult to find a vendor who sells emergency supplies of food freeze dried food and other disasters. With supplies so readily available these days it reduces the investment you need to make preparations for any scale of the disaster you are planning. Even if you never come a day when you need to get Preparedness aid to survive you do not feel like you have wasted too much money.

For homeowners interested in energy-conserving appliances, you might consider the tankless water heater model. Tank-less hot water heaters work differently that conventional heaters. Rather than keeping a large amount of water heated in case you may need it, they only heat water when it is triggered by you needing hot water. This saves money by not heating water pointlessly.

Don’t take chances when storing food for a disaster situation. Although you can go a long time with a limited amount of food, you will want to have enough to eat to avoid going hungry. Proper storage of your emergency food supply will help you avoid this situation.