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I admit it: I am a worrier… I learned it from my father, who learned it from his mother and so on and so forth. Worrying has become habitual; my default mode. I mostly worry about being late. I’m sure this has to do with the fact that my mother was always extremely tardy when picking me up from elementary school. I was the sad, pathetic one still waiting on the school steps because her mom was too busy remodeling the house to remember that it was her turn to carpool.

About three years ago I was introduced to the Sedona Method which is a tool that teaches you how to release negative emotions, including those associated with physical pain. I began exploring and releasing years of accumulated negative emotion. In law school we were taught to work with our intellects and so, years after law school, I found myself virtually numb with repressed emotions.

In most cases this type of neck pain can be reduced or eliminated by adjusting the computer position and changing some work habits. Another way is to use the air neck traction device. When inflated this neck traction unit will lift up the head up and help straighten up the neck.

1) Ask “why should people do business with anyone in your niche?” If you were an acupuncturist and you worked with people in pain, but you knew they could choose to see a neuromechanical innovations, a doctor, a massage therapist, or a rolfer just to name a few, you’d have to give them a compelling reason to seek out an acupuncturist first. So why should someone seek out a person in your business?

Muscle Strength. Your local gym is not just a place for body builders. A study done by Dr. Maria Fiatarone asked 10 chronically ill nursing home residents to lift weights 3 times a week over a 2-month period. The results were surprising: the participants’ average walking speed nearly tripled and their balance improved by half. A weight lifting regime does not have to be complicated. A qualified weight lifting instructor could design a fitness regime to suit people of any age or activity level.

So even if you don’t want to be interviewed (but you should be interviewing), you can still run radio ads to convey your marketing message. In my personal opinion, I think it’s better to be interviewed rather than just running a radio ad. You want to be interviewed for a few reasons.

Statistically speaking, we are going to live longer than our grandparents did, but the key factor in is that those who are in good health will be able to enjoy those extra years. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve health and live longer.

Just make slightly inflate it. Don’t over pump the device. In this case you don’t need a strong neck stretch. When you sit down behind the computer with the air neck traction device, it will help you to become more aware of your posture. This will help relieve the neck stress.