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LinkedIn is the place to not only find others but also to be found. And that is why you need a LinkedIn Profile that not only helps you get found but also will entice people to contact you once they view your profile. I see many people making fundamental mistakes that actually work against them in this aspect. If you’re going to spend time putting together a LinkedIn profile, I assume you want to maximize your chances of being contacted by the right people, right?

To create the best online get inspired possible one needs only to put in a little thought and creativity. This does not mean making things up, of course, but in presenting all aspects of ourselves and the most positive way possible.

Describe everything you find important, like your ambitions, your dreams, your desires and your attitudes. Talk about what you like or dislike most, and what turns you on and off (not necessarily in bed). In other words, put in details that you can think about in order to give an accurate picture of who you are and what you’re all about.

Few guys have the patience and interest to read long paragraphs…even if it’s about the hottest babe in the planet. They prefer short descriptions. If it comes in bulleted form, so much the better!

If you can’t online profile find a suitable picture get a professional shot done. Even though it costs money, getting a quality picture is important. Meeting the right woman can bring a lot of happiness in your life, so spend a little money and get a great picture.

Decide what is most important to you before writing your profile. Maybe you are looking for someone who is of the same religion with you and you should put this in the profile. Next, you may want to mix with people with similar hobbies as you and you should put in your hobbies in the write-up too. These are just 2 examples. You should decide which the most important factors are when you write and put them in your profile.

Women want to know as much as they can about you, so give them the opportunity to do so by filling out all sections of your profile. They will actually take the time to read out everything that you wrote, so do your best to list what your into and your hobbies in your profile. Don’t skip sections either. Even if it seems boring and long to fill out, take the extra 5 minutes to fill out the whole profile so that you can attract quality women to you. It will be in your best interest to do so. Here’s another tip.

I hope this how-to has served as a helpful guide to creating an online profile that will help you meet women. For an example of my own personal online dating profile and other helpful online dating tips and advice please see my signature box.