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Swiss Army watches are just as useful as their better known relative, the Swiss Army knife. Whereas the knife comes with all of the different tools one might ever need to puncture or cut an item, the watch comes with all of the logistical information one could ever want to know. One benefit of the watch, though, is that it fits in better as a decorative piece.

Then on Tuesday, around 10 a.m., a worker at the Cecil Hotel who was examining the tanks after receiving a complaint about low best well pressure tank, found a body in one of the four tanks that make up the water supply for the hotel, reports the LA Times.

Look for disposal filters to last about 6 months. When you need to change it, just unscrew the filter (not the whole shower head) and put in a fresh one. Dirty filters should go into your recycle bin.

“We see well pressure tank her going in and out of the elevator several times. That is strange.” He added, “I am not aware of any medical condition she might have … or mental,” Alex Martinez of the Los Angeles Police Department told the CBS LA news.

By installing a drain, you have the ability to select where the water will flow. Compared to other drainage systems, French drains are quite inexpensive. They are also quite easy to install. To make sure you install it properly, it may be a wise to hire a professional, particularly if you are not sure if you have the knowledge to properly perform the installation.

If there is sewage backing up in your toilet, it is probably due to blockage in a branch between the sewage and main lines. If you are unable to fix the blockage, you will need to hire a professional to run a snake in the line to clean it.

People who report paranormal activity in their home often claim that they just “don’t feel right.” This can be explained in older homes fairly easily. Faulty wiring can cause an outburst of electromagnetism, which can cause nausea, dizziness, and even mood changes. Have an electrician do an EMP reading in your home. A high EMP reading could be the reason why you’re feeling so strange. It could also explain feelings of being watched, or feeling like you’re not alone when no one’s there.