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What is all the talk about “Polished Concrete Floors?” Polishing and grinding concrete floors has been a topic of discussion over the past few years, and I’ve been asked so many times what it’s all about, that I decided to write this article. Hard surface floors have been around since the time of the Roman Empire. It took an enormous amount of labor, and a lot of ingenuity to split large stones, and hone them down to make slabs suitable for flooring in buildings. To get more specific than that is mind boggling, kind of like, “How did they build the Pyramids in Egypt? ” My answer is, “I sort of know how they did it, but I’m glad I didn’t have to do the work”.

Although every case is unique, it’s safe to say that tearing a house down to the dirt (which can even mean digging out a basement) costs anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. If an older home can be purchased at a low price and you can afford to finance the construction of the new place, what you gain in appreciated value plus the value of the land itself may make the math work to your favor in the end. This is not, however, an all or nothing proposition.

Stands to reason, the replaceable is much easier to salvage and the clean up company will try to get you to agree to let the rest go. Don’t do it. Get creative if you have to, but depending on the extent of the damage you should be able to salvage quite a bit that the company will try to get you to forget about.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate whether you are going to do the removal yourself or if you are going to hire someone else to do it. In almost all cases, you are going to want to hire a professional. They are well versed in how to do the removal, and can make sure it is done as safely as possible.

speedy demolition Cost is expensive. Not going to sugar coat it for you, however, the size of the bill will depend upon the size of the job to be done in your home. One note on the cost of asbestos removal for you to think about, with the price in mind is it too much compared to the value of your health? Put in that perspective it is not too expensive.

Fast forward a little, and we come to more recent times when people discovered that you could mix Portland (a clay substance) with sand, stone and water, to make the first concrete. The mixtures have been tweaked over the years, but the process has virtually remained the same. Contractors have used different curing agents, have implemented the use of steel bar to hopefully prevent concrete from cracking, and have implemented different types of moisture barriers to improve on the finished product.

There are approximately 77 million Baby Boomers in the United States, about a quarter of the population. For the next 18 years, one of them will celebrate their 65th birthday every day. That fact alone means that many wonderful homes in great locations will become available as the Boomers downsize and relocate. It’s completely possible that you can turn their dream home into your own with a full or partial tear down, an option home buyers will be considering more frequently in years to come.