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When you first start building web pages or blogs, it is easy to mess things up and and spend hours trying to figure out problems. It has been a true blessing to have access to knowledgeable people, who most times fix or solve my problems in a matter of minutes.

There are some many types of hosting packages to choose from: shared, VPS, business hosting, reseller etc. Which one is right for you? Probably and more than likely if you are reading this you are a novice/beginner and have a small/basic website with minimal pages. Due to cost purposes I would suggest a shared hosting package; the bottom of the hosting ladder. Hosting companies often refer to these packages as ‘baby’, ‘hatchling’ deals.

Begin by deciding on a theme (or niche) for your online business. Everything on your site should be centered around this central theme. So, spend some time and do some research before making a decision. Ideally, it should be a subject that you are somewhat familiar with and enjoy.

GDI is an extremely popular search term and people will come across it when searching for everything from cheap hosting to home business. So if you are looking for a way to make some easy money, GDI might be an option for you. They set up their landing pages and web sites to do all of the work for you, so that way you can avoid having to actually sell the product. The idea is, that the product will sell itself.

Are they giving you everything you need to host your site successfully? After being online now for five years and building several websites of my own, here’s what I’ve come to look for when choosing my hosting service.

Keep an eye out for new trends and technologies in the marketplace. There was a time when email and computers did not exist. Look how things are continuously changing and a lot of new products and improvements will always become available. Video marketing continues to grow as the number of people using the video hosting sites such as Youtube and Ifilm continue to increase. Podcasting is also relatively new on the market and more people are becoming users of the technology every day. Marketers that adapt and ride the new trends usually have leverage over the late adopters! So keep your eyes open.

So, after you have opened a website hosting account, the next thing you need to do is to register a domain name. This name should include the kind of business you are into. For instance, if your business is about cakes, you should include that in your domain name. It actually helps you get traffic when people are searching for such words. Just go to any of the websites mentioned and do the registration. It is actually not a difficult task.