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Clicker training is excellent because it quickly lets your dog know that he is learning correctly. It differs from lure and reward training in that the dog concentrates on learning the behaviour, rather than just following a treat. The clicker is a small hand- or foot- operated device that makes a single clicking noise.

The Jacobites had missed a great chance to restore the house of Stuart as monarchs of a United Kingdom. The momentum of the rebellion was lost and in April 1746 the Jacobites were defeated at Culloden far to the north near Inverness. The rebellion was put down mercilessly.

We use email instead of handwritten letters. The the horse-drawn carriage was replaced by the model T Ford, which evolved into the computers on wheels we drive today. Do you think the paddler who fashioned the very first canoe could envisage the sheer indulgence of a luxury liner? From the belief that men may never fly to the inventions of the Wright Brothers to Space Travel. From the abacus to the PC. From radio to telephones to satellite…..and finally to the the break through of the video phone.

Christmas is more of an event in England than it seems to be in America. They eat themselves silly in England. Not that we don’t in the states, but remember, they haven’t had a Thanksgiving just a month before. So they only get one chance to stuff themselves full of Christmas turkey before its gone for another year.

Buy a bigger joint of meat than you’ll actually need for dog hotel. Carve the meat off the joint, wrap and put it in the fridge when cool. Then use the leftover meat the next day in sandwiches, or for a tasty Monday-night meal like risotto, stir-fry or curry.

If you are trying to restrict the amount of fat in your diet, always remember to measure out the oil or fat you put into your frying pan when cooking food! Never pour it directly from the bottle or you will find it hard to keep track of your calories.

Because they’re made from cast iron, Rayburns have really good thermal properties. They absorb and hang onto heat beautifully to make the most of your fuel. They’re fantastically well insulated, efficient and economical even if you leave yours on all the time. Plus, as well as cooking and heating your home, the gentle, consistent heat they give off is perfect for everyday stuff like keeping coffee hot, drying washing and loads more. So go for range cookers and take a new slant on home heating!

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