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Travel luggage options run the gamut from backpacks to matched sets of luggage. When you go out to buy luggage, first take into consideration your travel style.

There are few private hotels, lodges, guest houses and resorts for tourist accommodation in Lansdowne. Besides these there is a PWD inspection bungalow, Army Welfare Board Rest House and Uttaranchal Forest Department base camp where you can stay with prior arrangement.

Milkha now burst on the International stage when at the 1958 Asian games he won the gold medal in both the 200m and 400m events. Have we ever heard of any Indian athlete winning 2 gold medals in a track event after him? Milkha clocked a time of 21.6 and 47 seconds respectively. This was the time the world took notice of a bearded Sikh with long hair on the international stage and nicknamed him as the ‘Flying Sikh’. He followed up by winning the 400 m event at the Cardiff Commonwealth games with a timing of 46.16 seconds. He was the first Indian to win a gold medal at the commonwealth games after independence. Milkha again won a gold medal in 400m at the 1962 Asian games.

There are some unique events taking place in India, which are really worth seeing to get the feel of the progress of the entire country in almost all the fields like economic, military, and social. The famous Republic day parade is one such prestigious event taking place in Delhi at the India Gate on 26th January every year, which is a Republic day of India. The present constitution of India had come in to the force on this date in the year 1950. Till then, the British constitution was in force. That is why this day is considered very important in the history of India as the real independence was achieved on this auspicious day.

In 2003 My family planned to move Australia. I told my wife, I can’t work hard, so I should not go to Australia. But my wife requested me to go with her. She told me, she will work and I need not to do any work. I should tell you that, that time, I could not walk, stand, sit or sleep. So thinking about doing hard work was only dream.

Amitabh and I had felt quite relieved after the marriage of our daughter, for we had a hope that our son would be an engineer and he would take care of his retired parents. My husband felt so much insulted because of our son that he decided to take premature retirement from the Indian Army Rally. We came down to Pune and settled there.

You may find that size and weight restrictions are much stricter abroad than they are at home. We’ve had to check suitcases in China and Europe that we routinely carry on at home. There is no use arguing that you always carry them on. Those airline personnel have the final say… and if they say to check it…. you check it. At least you have the proper identification on it.

In the book Col Savage commands a Gurkha battalion and he endearingly creates a nostalgic feeling for the Raj. The prose is simple and the style racy. It is an immensely readable book and certainly in its own way can be regarded as a minor classic. I for one will recommend it to get a feel of the Raj during the turbulent years approaching independence. Hats off to John Masters.