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Some people are hesitant to make the transition from their local printing companies into an online printing service. Often, they think that printing online is a complicated process that requires a lot of computer know how, as compared to the personalized service they get from offline printers.

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You need to also look into how your materials will be designed and printed. What kind of graphics and fonts will the printer use? Will they allow you to submit your own design? You need to ask these questions to the printer to ensure that your materials will come out as you expected. There are some printers that offer templates but allow you to customize it. There are others that don’t allow this. You might want to know what your price offers.

While nobody can move quite THAT fast, you will find that dealing with digital files and pre-formatted templates ensures that turnaround time can be incredibly fast. If you have the money you might even be able to fast track a print job.

You can even save the files as a jpeg and take it down to your local Walgreens or photo printer to get a very high quality print made if your inkjet printer online isn’t up to the chore. If you watch for specials or have a coupon you can get an 8 X 10 print for around $2.

Another reason many companies are able to offer free business cards is the ability to charge shipping and handling on these orders, which in many cases helps them recoup the cost of the printing. In some cases, they may even make money on the transaction! Imagine that… make money by giving something away!

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