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There are hundreds of vendors that provide eCommerce and shopping cart solutions on the internet. Trying to figure out which one offers what you need can seem more like a roll of the dice than an educated decision.

Google Analytics is a good and easy way to track your statistics to your website. All you have to do is set up a Google Account and go to Google Analytics and set up an account and paste the code they give you to your website. This will track all traffic to your website and give you statistics on that information.

Having completed your article, your next task is to get it publicized. This is normally carried out by submitting your article to selected article directories. These serve the purpose of introducing the article gatherer to the article writer. If someone sees your article and wants to publish it on their website or in their ezine, this is allowed on the condition that the resource box is also included. This way, the publisher gains valuable content and the writer gains publicity. Everyone is happy!

The Google Page Rank Report will check the ranking values for the list of URLs you enter. The checker tool is very useful if you are using a browser not supported by Google toolbars, or if you just want to check rank on up to 10 sites at a time.

Keywords, are search words that the web browser (potential customer) enters when looking for something i.e. knowledge or product. Keyword phrases are words that match your keywords but are longer than 1 or two words e.g: keyword: fish tank: keyword phrase: salt water fish tank supplies.

Word tracker Not free but you get a free trial period Keyword Rank Checker Tool of days so if you get busy you can end up with a PILE of Very useful data and not pay their high fee. Don’t download it until you are ready to spend a lot of time using it!

You should have something on your website that should be bound to update/change frequently, so have a company news or articles or blogs section that you can update your site. This way you have returning users on your website.

Hope you like these SEO tips that I have summed up here to give you a brief idea on SEO and online marketing tips to promote your website and to earn money.