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Everybody goes through bad hair days. It is common, but annoying too. Women with thinning hair are the worst hit. Such hair poses a challenge to style. Their flatness and lifelessness frustrate you to no end. Fuller looking hair seems a far-fetched dream. In severe cases, you may develop patches that show your scalp. This brings a fair share of emotional turmoil.

If you can’t afford to take care of your children than you shouldn’t be spending money getting tattoos. It seems a likely candidate for my first tattoo no-no but people do it. If you owe child support just understand one simple thing, if you refuse to pay there are consequences. Garnishment of wages, suspension of your drivers license, jail time, community service, and loss of your parental rights are all possibilities. Beyond child support if you have children living in your home whom need things, it’s only fair to put them first. I have witnessed first hand a fresh tattoo on a so called parent and in that same persons home, empty cupboards. That is so wrong.

If you need to work in a day spa or salon, most frequently you’ll have to have completed a State license of both Barber Shops or Esthetics. Each state varies in their licensing necessities however you are looking at finishing someplace between 800-3000 hours of coaching and practical application. Once you go your State Boards, you’ll have your license and you may work in a salon or day spa or just about anywhere.

Hair loss can too occur in women who take contraceptives; as well as, once giving birth. Potential causes of hair loss comes from family genes and hormonal patterns. The increasing of balding patches on the beard or on the scalp too causes hair loss. Men and women who often visit Barber Shops and beauty salons can get in touch with ringworms, which too causes hair loss. In a number of cases adolescence experience hair loss from an illness or not eating as it should be.

Most of the ingredients in those cheaper shaving creams are generic, and are typically blended with harsh synthetic chemicals that can actually damage the skin. A lot of these shaving creams also contain large amounts of fragrances, which are usually accompanied by alcohol. The alcohol dries out the skin and produces microscopic breaks. This is why people usually cut themselves while shaving. The razor hits those cracks, instead of gliding smoothly across the skin.

Most professionals will tell both men and women to use volumizing products including shampoos. Adding some gel to the hair or root lift products can give you more to work with. Blow drying your hair also provides you with more volume and lift than if you allow it to dry on its own.

And tip your artist. 15-20% is reasonable. No tip means you are a dirt bag and most likely will not be received warmly if you return. Less than 10% and you are just a cheapskate. The tattoo artist does not walk away with 100% of the actual money you pay them for the tattoo. A percentage of that money is paid to the shop. The same way it is in in barber shops and nail salons, which are also places people should tip. But that is another topic for another day. If even one person takes any of this into consideration I will be pleased. Happy tattooing!