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“It’s weird,” I thought. “We have ten people in two bathrooms at home. At the beach we often have 20 people using one bathroom. Why is it that half the number of bathrooms for double the usage goes more smoothly? It seems like it should be terribly clogged.” Pun intended of course.

The habits of the other members of your household are very likely contributing to your home’s organizing issues. Furthermore, items that are used by everyone (such as kitchen and bettabathrooms qld, CDs and DVDs) need to be organized in a way that everyone can find them. Make sure that you have the cooperation of everyone in your household in making your organizing decisions.

Resist the urge to cram other things in that space just because there’s room for more stuff. Consider the aesthetics of how it looks as well as what’s there.

Keep it simple. Just because your best friend is getting married, doesn’t mean you have to provide the world for them. It is very easy to think that the amount you spend represents how you feel about these individuals. That isn’t always the case, in fact providing your friends with something that carries sentimental value and brings back memories of the past might just do the trick. This is a way for you to give a gift from the heart, rather than from you wallet.

Areas and around the base of the toilet where grime readily accumulates. Assume the floor and waste receptacle are major sources of offending odors and clean and deodorize them thoroughly. Wax floor if desired. Restock with fresh towels, replace rugs, and you’re ready to go.

Eighth, something most do not think about until an officer is at the door saying “turn it down” and “your party is jamming up the intersection”. Make note of the noise laws and parking rules of your area so that you do not have any unfortunate situations unfold. A host must always be on top of things, game plan and all.

There you have it; seven practical bathroom-stretching ideas learned from the beach for people big on families and small on bathrooms. You don’t have to remodel or even spend a penny. You can s t r e t c h your bathroom without adding on!