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The name of stand up paddle boards is synonymous with a hugely popular sporting activity in Australia and neighboring New Zealand. It is also popularly known as SUP (Standup Paddle). If this activity were to be described the best way to do so would be to refer it as walking on water. The Gold Coast region of Australia has grown to become a favorite stand up board destination in the world. Initially this adventure sport had started in Hawaii and other places of the Caribbean Islands.

Now, on one hand, that’s good, as it allows you to simply focus on the effort. Which, theoretically, should mean that you’re putting more effort in, working harder, and in the end, getting more results. But for the vast majority, they do the exact opposite. Instead of focusing their efforts, and getting a lot of work done, they “zone out” and just go through the motions.

Some people would say this song is overrated. those very same people would also go as far as to say this list would be much better without mentioning anything related to the Rocky flicks.

From its North Dub location they also feature live music and Happy Hour specials. It opened in 2009 on St. Patrick’s Day, so their upcoming one year anniversary is sure to be a significant one this St. Patrick’s Day. You can find the Dubliner North Tampa in the Citrus Park area. You’ll find Magners Cider, Guinness, Smithwick’s, and Harp Lager from Ireland on tap. Either location will be an excellent stop for you on your St. Patricks’s Day excursion.

The 1956 Aston Martin is a sleek speed car with a powerful 210 horsepower, 2.9 liter S6 engine. This powerful nba4free car has the capacity to travel at 233km/h. This car is certainly priceless and is not listed on any auction sites for sale but it is certain to be estimated in the millions.

If you want a Zippo lighter for yourself, you can add your name on the lighter. Or if you want that lighter to be a commemorative object, you can engrave your milestone or the special event plus the date of the event. If you purchased the lighter after your first pay check, you can engrave that event and the date so that you will always remember your achievement.

The more I see on these adventures, the deeper my hunger for new experiences grows. Every time I choose to stretch my boundaries – whether it’s with myself, my business or my relationships – I invite into my life a new series of limitations to conquer. Now, I no longer see a final goal, but rather the goal of my next adventure, which will forever lead to another. This is my commitment to continuously stretch my perspective of the world, of myself and of others. In these moments, I feel fully alive, aware and empowered. So it’s no surprise that nature is my best teacher and the source of my most empowering lessons. Where do your lessons come from and what does your commitment look like?