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With this list, I tried to go with songs that fit thematically into the occasion of Earth Day. Of course, these are also songs that I like a lot. It doesn’t matter if these are the greatest songs ever written, I like ’em. You dig? Anyway, once again, these songs are being presented in no particular order. The numbers are there to make sure that I don’t leave any song out. Sometimes you are so busy getting an article finished that you end up unconsciously cutting corners. It’s not like I do it on purpose though!

As for the wildlife to enjoy, they have a wonderful petting farm with your typical farm Animals for a small modest fee which helps go to feed the reiseliv. They also have a wonderful nature center indoors that is free of charge for viewing some animals indigenous to North Carolina. Included in this are our more common poisonous snakes to make identification in the wild easier! There is also a wildlife area you can walk through featuring a variety of animals including black bear and North Carolinas endangered Red Wolf.

My goal here is not to make any one species of animal superior to another. I believe that both cats and dogs can enhance our lives in their own unique ways, and just like our human connections, a person may relate to the personality of dogs, and some to the personality of cats. Consequently, there should be no competition, just a determination of which type of animal fits better within your family life.

This week Nylon gave us a sneak peek of Thakoon’s collection for Target’s Go! International series. With a resort collection feel, the pieces are perfect for a midwinter getaway. No travel plans? The bright colors and patterns will help keep your spirits up during those gloomy, gray weather-filled days.

Got to have at least one U2 song on here and this one is perfect for Earth Day. After all these years and a new album just released (“No Line On The Horizon”), it is more than clear that this band never ever phones it in. While a song like this may seem corny or overly sentimental in just about anyone else’s hands, U2 turns it into one of their most thrilling and uplifting songs. Indeed, some days you just cannot let get away. This is especially the case for Earth Day.

To make sure that the chores are done on a daily basis, rewards are put into place. My children know that they cannot go to a friend’s house, the movies, or even the mall unless their chores are complete. My older children, who have cell phones, lose their privileges if the chores are not maintained on a daily basis for at least two weeks. Cell phones and extracurricular activities with friends are privileges and my children understand that taking care of the house comes first. Just as a job pays monetary compensation, helping out the household also pays. My children do not get a set allowance, but each week they earn rewards such as a snack from the store, a magazine, or a lunch at their favorite fast food restaurant.

Both the Children’s Zoo and the Water Fowl areas allow children the opportunity to feed animals by hand. (Food is available by machine with cost of a quarter.) With a small area for children to play while parents rest nearby.