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Russell started a business at the age of 29, a waste management company in the North of England. He sold his share 15 years later, allowing him to retire at the age of 44. Here Russell gives us some tips on running a successful business.

Whatever route you may choose, I wish your old analog TV set the best. If you simply cannot or are unable to part with that old friend. Make sure to look in to a Digital Converter Box to keep it chugging along for a bit longer.

Los Angeles follows many other California cities that have enacted similar plastic bag bans, as well as L.A. County unincorporated areas. This will make L.A. the largest city in the U.S. to pass a ban on plastic bags. Seen by environmentalists as a critical policy, bag reduction is a significant step for L.A. to move towards the ranks of our country’s green elite.

15. Anita Guliani is Administrative Assistant (Administration) and her daughter Mansi Guliani is Administrative Assistant (Ceremonies). “My mother was working with Athletics Federation of India and she joined the Organising Committee soon after its formation. I came to know there were vacancies, so I gave my resume,” said Mansi Guliani.

Siddarth Mall is Assistant Project Officer (Sponsorship and Sales) and wife Deepali Kapoor is APO of the Volunteer Programme. “I have been a state-level cricket player and I also have a background in marketing, I worked earlier for J K Tyres and Eicher. I joined the Organising Committee a year back. My wife was working here for the last three years. She was working earlier for a government body, I do not remember the name,” Mall said.

Don’t trust every list of top business careers you see. Speak with those actually employed in your particular field of interest. Some sources, for example, state that becoming an x-ray technician is one of the up and coming fields with high demand. However, you will find many out of work x-ray techs who have been looking for employment in the field for the past several months without success. Many x-ray technicians claim the field is already oversaturated, and work is hard to come by. Do some investigation on your own before you make a final decision on your business career path.

19. Pratap Bhosale is Project Officer (Logistics) and his daughter Priyanka P Bhosale is Administrative Assistant (Cleaning and Waste Management). “I have done environment management from Pune. Me and my father have earlier worked in the Pune Youth Games. We both were called by Delhi Organising Committee as soon as the games wrapped in Pune,” Priyanka Bhosale said.