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I came across the concept that there are rhythms to my life when I was working as a busy CEO of a large Not-for-Profit organisation, with a staff of 40, 1000 members, 3 – 5 public presentations per week to prepare and deliver, and 5 overseas trips per year to build strategic national and international partnerships.

Instead of eating these items if we consume fruits and vegetable daily, it will keep us free from all diseases and will keep us active. The confirmation that diets are destined to failure is wide-ranging. A number of studies that have looked at dieting, diet types and weight-loss have concluded that efforts at weight loss are largely unsuccessful, even in extremely forced circumstances.

We study subjects in extreme detail in an attempt to understand them. We research the body and the mind, in order that we can better understand who we are and why we do what we do.

Helping you adjust your life your perspective on what counselling cost is going on in your life so you can see the positive side. Then you can make the adjustments needed to put your life back on track.

You fight, it gets ugly, and it gets out of control. You end up exactly where you used to end up before all your resolutions. It takes you days to get over this, to mend it all, to try again, new resolutions, but a little more tired. A little more worried that this isn’t going to work, a little more broken…

He went to stay at a shelter home for PLHIVs so that he could recover and joined KLASS to find out more about his condition. “When I was in the shelter home, I met a lot of people in the same situation and knew that it is not a death sentence.

With that being said, here are my 5 main tips to get over a broken heart. I could have recommended counselling as the sixth but these 5 are more than enough to help you if you want to.