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The pool pump is the engine to your swimming pool circulation and filtration system. In order for your pool to stay clean and the pool water to stay clear, the pump needs to be in good working order at all times. The following pool pump maintenance tasks should be performed on a routine basis.

Pool pumps that are installed these days are generally self priming centrifugal pumps. They have a water maintaining chamber, which is designed to maintain water when the motor is switched off. The priming centrifugal pumps create a centrifugal force to move water via the filter basket. There is also an impeller in the centrifugal pumps which help speed the circulation of the water.

The market today offers a vast range of pool pumps available for purchase. They vary greatly in the detail of their functionality and power, but most will do the job effectively. Clearly much is dependent on the dimensions of the pool and the amount of work in pumping, circulating and filtering required – more water = more work. There are some pumps that are only designed to sustain smaller pools and would hardly touch the larger ones. However, no swimming pool pumps are as expensive as you may expect them to be.

You can not eliminate the electric expenses of running your swimming pool, but you can minimize them. Venice Pool Repair Company s consume a great deal of electricity, which comes next to your home’s air conditioning. Is your pool pump repairs the right size and power? The greater the pump power the higher your maintenance charges will be. Most residential pools need.75 horsepower pumps or much less.

Of course, the cheaper pool pumps generally circulate more water in similar quantity just as the more costlier ones do. However, a cheaper pump creates more noise in its functioning. Hence, it is not advisable to opt for the cheaper pool pump after careful consideration.

Size of your pool. The size of the pool determines how much gallons of water it holds. Having this knowledge, the owner can calculate the pool’s flow rate. A flow rate is the amount of water that can be moved within a specific period of time. This is measured by gpm or gallons per minute.

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You should always maintain the vacuum head sunken below water although the opposite end from the hose is linked towards the skimmer. You don’t wish the swimming pool pump to get full of air.