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Having a party in San Diego but not sure how you can make it an interesting one? Well, maybe you’d like to try renting a photo booth? It’s one of the most popular party entertainments we have today! Basically, it is where you and your guests can have your pictures taken – whether you’re in the Comic-Con or the San Diego Pride parade. What makes it fun is that you can customize your photos using playful props like fancy hats, colorful wigs and even small placards with witty messages. With a photo booth around, your party will definitely be a blast and your guests will bring home a lot of pleasant memories.

There are 2 approaches you can use; the subtle approach and the loud approach. But both approaches have to be dynamic (I’ll speak more about this later).

Also, not known as a year round Irish establishment, Delux, is known for pumping out martinis, shots and thumping beats from the dance floor. You may not have the courage to step out on the dance floor in the wee hours of the early morning, but by noon you’ll be recreating moves from LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know It” video thinking you ARE that good a dancer. Delux opens its doors at 9 am and will feature $4 Guiness, $4 Irish Whiskey, $2 Miller Lite and $2 Molson til 2 pm. Also, expect an appearance by the Jameson Girls handing out free swag before 2 pm. If you’re looking for some of the best Irish food in Detroit to go along with all that drinking walk on over to…

Also they are saying the iLife and photo booth will be coming with the release of the iPad 2. iLife and focus booth new york come standard on Mac OSX so it’ll be nice seeing them on iOS. Maybe those camera effects we reported on will be baked in?

The lighting is always an important element of the decoration. It should be beautiful and romantic. Generally the venue and the dance floor should be well lit. You can play a bit with the name cards and table names so that they can serve as ice breakers and enhance the party mood.

Have someone take pictures of the guests as they arrive. You can then put these pictures into an album for the guests to sign and write their own message. This can also be combined with the custom question and answer pages. This is an easy way to remember the guests and gives the guests a chance to share their favorites memories of the bride and groom. The bride and groom will enjoy looking back and reading about all the favorite memories the guests have about them.

98. Start each day by thinking about all the good things in your life. Then keep that positive feeling flowing throughout the day by staying upbeat and helpful.

You can also join your local chamber of commerce. Your town might have annual festivals where your photo booth service could fit right in among all who are having a good time.

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