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Many times we tend to focus on the differences between us and that causes all sorts of problems. If we focused on how much we have in common, it would be easier to understand each other and have compassion.

Don’t forget about leadership…make sure that the company that you represent has not only great corporate leadership (ie. scott levy fuel online, President, etc.) but they should also have great field leadership, distributors just like you that know what it takes to be successful and (this ones a biggie) they are reachable. You don’t want to get into a company where all the top distributors have retired and never help you.

The time has come to present a streamlined list of critical rules for planning. There are only 120 of them. As you can see, we have really pared them down. So, music please! What?OK! OK! Simmer down! Take it easy! (You get overwhelmed so easily.) We will go with just seven rules for successful strategic guessing/planning. Is that better?

The paper should deal directly with the issues. It is, with research and analysis, the “answer” submitted by the group. The entire planning team will read the paper prior to the subsequent session and then debate it during the session. Problem solving ensues. Everyone is invited to bring their feedback, questions and concerns to the next session. This is where the critical issues are dealt with and a direction is hammered out.

Contrast this with the excellent service we received yesterday at a neighborhood restaurant, Red Lobster. Our waiter identified himself with a huge grin, tapped the name tag on his shirt for emphasis, and guided us through the menu with good-natured small talk and laughter.

In my personal opinion, it’s realistically possible for someone to sell around 50 electronic books per month once they have the knowledge they need. If the publication is priced at around $17, that’s gross sales of $850 per month. What’s really exciting is that you can actually sell a lot more than just 50. This isn’t like running a traditional business where you need to keep “store hours” or otherwise be present to personally process an order when someone decides to make a purchase. All that stuff is handled by the systems I’m going to show you how to setup and have working for you. That means you can be out playing golf, enjoying time with friends and family, or doing just about anything else. It’s a highly automated business.

The third useful thing to do when hiring an accountant is to cognize where to get the best professional accountant. You can search the yellow pages or local directories for accountants close your point. You can even search the web for certified accountants. You can also ask referrals from your folk, friends, and even colleagues. It won’t be too difficult to get one.

So with such a variety of options open to you, why would you possibly want to waste that first invaluable (and non-recoverable) 90 seconds with thanks, greetings or introductions? Remember the objective of your introduction is to grab the audience by the throat and give them a compelling reason to listen to you for the rest of your presentation.