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The NEC released its android tab mid this year. The android is about to go onto the market soon. It operates on the android 2.1 operating system. It has a touchscreen that is 7 inches wide and has a very high resolution of 800×480. It also has an internal memory of 256 MB as well as Wi-Fi enabled. The processor speed is 800 MHz which means that it can conveniently perform many tasks quickly. In addition it has a 3MP camera. As well as an accelerometer that may come in handy when playing games.

The regular actions are made simpler and the navigation is very easy with the version four of The animations are much more refined. There is feedback all over the system which makes the interaction very interesting. The typeface is the best one for screens with high resolution. This gives the interface a modern outlook and also gives better readability.

This is among the apps that I would classify as “simple yet powerful” as it’s really just a calorie counter. In addition to that it allows you to find certain foods nutritional facts so android download you can keep extremely accurate accounting of your daily food intake.

This is firmly in the Productivity section. I have a number of WordPress blogs, and this superb application allows me to update my blog directly, and add posts and pages, check comments and all see your visitor statistics, all while sitting on the train. It allows for multiple blogs, and is easy to switch between them.

If you lead busy lifestyle with a lot of errands, Dropbox is one Android app that can keep you on track, especially with your hectic schedule. With the Dropbox app, you can store your files and bring them anywhere you go. This Android app is free, and once you download it to your device, you can save your photos, documents and videos. You can also share your videos and photos to your friends as well.

A huge issue customers had with the G1 was the terrible battery life. The T-Mobile MyTouch trys to fix this issue by upgrading the battery to a 1340 mAh that claims to have six hour talk time. Of course when the phone is released and tested it will have a much smaller talk time than what is claimed.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich surely packs a fresh new look and exciting new features that will truly make your device perform better as a smartphone. With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon replacing the older versions of Android on recent Android smartphones, these new features will eventually start a new wave of more convenient and more efficient use of Android smartphones and Android tablets.