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You see adverts everywhere and get pestered by phone with companies selling personal injury and road traffic accident leads. So is it the easy way to find new clients or the quickest way to lose your shirt? Well…

To start with you will want to buy a minimum of 100 Internet leads. This gives you a good chance to test the quality of the leads before making a much bigger outlay. You should then spend around 2 to 3 months calling and following up on these initial leads in order to gauge the conversion rate. This timeframe will of course be influenced though by your business size and how many people you have working on your leads. You may be able to go through 100 leads within just a week, or it might take you several months if you are working alone.

Any time you talk to a purchased lead that says he or she was looking for a job, chances are you have been had and the lead company is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Leads from lead generating companies can be good or bad depending on which ones you buy. If you buy leads that are cheap then the tendency is you’re not going to be happy. Don’t get me wrong; I love cheap things just as much as the next person! But you simply can’t play with quality when it comes to your leads, quality is the priority and cheap leads don’t have that.

Basic semi-exclusive internet leads: Basic semi leads are leads that are internet generated usually through bulk email and spam. These leads are normally sold 3 times (at least that is what the lead broker says) you can actually expect them to have been sold up to 12 times over a 30 day period and most of the sales within the first 7 days. You should plan on working or calling 50 leads on average to find a solid deal. A lot of rejection comes with basic semi-Solar Lead companies.

The Spiderweb System is the creation of Kimbal Roundy. He has done a great job of creating a system that takes care of a lot of problems that internet marketers have…..needing a source of “leads” and income to keep their new business growing.

When buying any type of mortgage lead also buy from companies that have a replacement policy or refund policy. Always buy from companies with a professional look. Make sure they have a live customer service number. Search their website names or company name on Google and see if they have any negative feedback on chat forums or on the BBB. Always see if you can pay with a credit card or check. Never pay by bank wire or money order. Make sure they are friendly!