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The secret is not all properties hit rock bottom at the same time. Many properties have already hit bottom and they have already been purchased. Somebody else got the deal. Some properties will never hit bottom; the sellers will simply remove them from the market and re-list then in better, more expensive times. I like to describe the market like this: If I threw a handful of small rubber balls in the air they would not all hit the ground at the same time. They’d all bounce at different times, just like individual house prices.

So, basically, traditional advisors have caused their clients to lose money by keeping them in the stock market. This has been especially true over the last year, when an average of 20% was lost by account holder. And, they caused them to lose more money to taxes after they retire.

Many an phĂș new city firms offer properties for rent from time to time but few are dedicated full-time to the rentals. Take a good look at the firm’s web site. Is it dedicated to finding apartments for people? Or, as is common, is the firm’s true business the sale of properties. Does the firm have detailed descriptions of the properties it rents on it web site with photographs?

Investing in overseas stock is one way to reduce risk, especially if you are concerned about the US economy, the price of the dollar and the government. If you invest in large US companies, then you are getting some international benefit because most of the larger US companies do business worldwide. You may want to also consider investing in foreign company stock.

After careful thought, consideration and research, they identified three target groups who would be most likely to sell their home in the Metro New York area. They include households that no longer have children in the school system, therefore, they do not want to pay exorbitant property taxes associated with large single family homes; households impacted by consolidations and layoffs in banking, finance and advertising – many have decided they no longer can afford or need the proximity to New York City; and homeowners employed by international companies where employees are likely to be transferred every few years, because often, they are responsible for buying/selling their own homes.

If you are self-employed, and have not saved anything for retirement, you may think seriously about working a few years for the school system and maxing out the plan.

Don’t be anywhere near the home during open houses and private showings. The buyer needs to be able to ask all the questions they need answered, and sometimes these questions and concerns can be brutally honest. If you are around, they may not feel comfortable offering criticisms and concerns about the home, and this will likely turn them off to the idea of buying it. Let your real estate agent handle the showings and open houses. This will allow buyers room to comfortably evaluate your house.