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One of the most accessible markets to freelance photographers is the magazine or publishing market. With so many titles scattered across the world you aren’t limited to a single language magazine. Most editors are looking for fresh new styles of photos so you are always in with a chance if your images are really good quality. Many professionals have used magazines as their springboard to success so here is how to make it yours.

Before you sign up, check the publisher or provider’s credential. You do not want to end up in some financial mess. Read reviews from users and decide upon the legitimacy of the publisher. There are scammers and swindlers out there who will lure you in all possible ways to make you spend money and you may never see your magazine ever.

However, tattoo magazines often include the most extreme artists and models. If you are not looking to cover your entire body in tattoos, you might not be able to find examples that are relevant to your choice. This is more for the hard-core tattoo enthusiast. If you attend tattoo conventions, you would probably like the looks that are found in these magazines.

Leave them at the gym. I don’t know about you, but MY time on the treadmill would go by much more quickly if I had an issue of Creating Keepsakes to peruse, instead of a sweat-stained copy of Machine Handler’s Monthly. Just imagine; you could sit on the bike, burn calories, AND daydream about the next layout you’re going to create! Now that is what I call multi-tasking.

Some local look at magazines also include a wedding planner. These planners take the guesswork out of knowing what you need and how much. You will find charts, tables and worksheets to help organize your wedding. You will also be able to read articles, tips and tricks of how others planned their own weddings. Many planners have empty pages that where you can add your own notes, and you can save all of it in your own folder or binder. Magazines are the best way to find local wedding professionals; you will not only see the planners at their best but also get a sense of how they work. It doesn’t matter where you are at you will find a local wedding planner near you looking through the bridal magazines in Hawaii.

School days. Put magazines into a cardboard tote box (the kind with handle cutouts that you buy at the grocery store) and deliver them to a local elementary school. Call first and arrange a date, time and place of delivery.

Link to your published work on your own blog – Being published in a major publication is a definite credibility boost. Milk the PR that comes with being published and use that as a launching pad for another product or service. Depending on what you write about, you could also offer coaching services for people.

Magazines are only the way by which you can know about latest technologies. Otherwise you have to go to a product based website and read about the latest technologies. If you know the address of the website, it is well and good, but when you don’t know the address of the website then you may not know the latest technology news.