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The First of my used car buying tips is, BE PREPARED. Do plenty of research. Decide which make and model you like and read reviews on the car. Find out about the different specifications available, how reliable that model is, how affordable it is to run, the service costs, common faults that particular model might have.

Once you have found a used car on Craigslist that you like, contact the seller. Review the digitale ressurser listing to see if you should make contact via the website, email, or by phone. Setup a meeting to view the car. Buying a used car isn’t like buying used baby clothes. The purchase is expensive and very important. Never agree to buy a vehicle without first inspecting it yourself and taking it for a test drive. Don’t let a seller pressure you.

Touch up paint matched for your cars exact color will of course look best and give good protection. If touch up paint is not readily available you can use a clear touch up or even clear nail polish. Be sure to use a toothpick instead of the included brush for application. The included brush will put on too much and actually make the repair standout. It will build up both sides of the scratch or nick. A toothpick works better as it will put the touch up paint directly where it is needed, inside the cut, nick or scratch.

Also, keep in mind that used vehicle sales are on a rise as more people are more aware on reducing their loan portfolios and liquidating their assets. For used auto dealers, this is the best time in used auto sale history.

Every car in the Tar Heel State is required to pass the safety test. You will be exempted if your car is 35 years old. If you live in specific emissions county, your car also needs to pass the Emission Test. If the car model is previous to 1996, it is exempted from the test.

When you are leasing a car, you can get a short car lease that will have many benefits for you as the consumer. For example, when you lease a car, you are only leasing it for a certain amount of time, you are not paying the vehicle off. Therefore, when you find a car lease that works for you, you can lease it for a year. When that year is over, you can take the car back and be on your way without the additional debt associated with the price of the vehicle.

Go for test drive the car: it is very important to go for test drive. You can take the selected car on different roads, and drive for at least 15 minutes. Keep in mind you will be driving this car for a while. Drive it to hear any noise from engine, test acceleration levels and verify the brakes. Check if the deferral seems even and gives an easy, relaxed ride. Look at the condition of the tires. Give a look at the engine under the cover. If it seems like it hasn’t been taken care of or lots of irrelevant wiring available, demand for detailed service records.

However you decide to sell your car for cash now, it’s critical that you get your car in shape to sell. In most cases, that can be a simple matter of giving your car a good cleaning inside and out. In fact, doing so has been known to actually add value to your car; it’s really no different than you putting your best foot forward with a shave, haircut and new clothes to prepare for a job interview. It says you are serious about making a sale and could get you the cash you want as fast as you want it.