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Many companies have been shoving cod fish oil supplements down our throat without us knowing what really is happening. Many are left in the dark about what the real effects of these supplements are. If you want to know more about these supplements then read on.

So that’s a lot of technical talk and acronyms but there is something else that most people overlook. More is not always better. In fact, more can often be worse because when you get too much fish oil in one shot your body will try to purge it out and you will absorb very little of it. In general your body can’t really absorb more than 1 gram or 1000 milligrams of Omega 3 at a time. So be wary of any supplement higher than that as it is just a waste of your money.

It is good for skin care when you add Svenska DjurApoteket Lakseolie for dogs to the daily diet of your dog. This is because it will enhance the dog’s skin conditions. It is also rich in antioxidant that is efficient in treating dry skin and other skin ailments in dogs just as it is in other fish oils for dogs. Furthermore, it will get rid of fleas and make the skin of your dog healthier.

George’s Aloe Vera is a great detox and wonderful for cats because there is no taste to it. You can add it to her water. It is available at your local health food store. Sodium Ascorbate Crystals is an antioxidant that all cats should be on. It is Vitamin C and helps boosts the immune system as well as keeping the kitty cleaned out. It is also available at your health food store.

After a lot of research, I’ve settled on an omega 3 supplement from New Zealand. It’s a smaller company that makes it – not huge like the chain stores or mega-vitamin companies. They painstakingly source their Salmon Oil for puppies from hoki, a small, sustainable marine species from New Zealand’s pristine cold oceans. They actually pick it up right at the dock, so it’s really fresh. Fresh is important because it means the oil is more potent and you have less chance of getting ‘fish burps’ that you can get if you buy some of the large commercial brands.

Most commercial pet foods do not have enough fiber in them. They are loaded with corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavoring and coloring. Some have BHT and BHA which are chemical pesticides used as a preservative. A home-made cat food diet is the best, but you need to balance the vitamins, minerals and taurine. The next best is nutrient dense all natural canned food.

Avoiding the allergens is the first line of defense. But if your dog needs relief from scratching now, try giving him a bath with a gentle, soothing shampoo liked oatmeal shampoo. Hydrocortisone spray or shampoo may also help to relieve itching. If your pet doesn’t improve soon, check with your vet to see if your dog may have another underlying condition.