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Cracks between paving stones and at the edge of the patio, which often get colonized by weeds, can be used to grow a range of ground hugging, drought tolerant plants that are tough enough to be walked on occasionally. They will also prevent the weeds from returning. To prepare the crack, first remove any weeds. Perennial weeds are best killed with a translocated weed killer that will kill the whole plant, including the roots. Use a screwdriver to dig out the loose material between the paving slabs, reaching down as far as possible.

When you first start cooking with herbs, experiment a lot. Add a little bit, here and there, see what works for you. Eventually you will get the hang of it and can easily go nuts mixing and matching flavors. Some herbs just seem to go naturally with some foods, tomato with basil, oregano with sauces, rosemary with lamb, chives with butter or sour cream. This is just to get you started. Try all kinds of mixes and matches to see what works. You can infuse vinegar with herbs to make salad dressings, marinades or soups. You can infuse oil with Growing herbs to add extra flavor to your cooking.

You must be aware that once you prepare to grow a potted herb garden, the herbs can grow in various sizes. Some are small while others are tall. There are also cascading herbs and ones that grow like bushes. You will need the appropriate size of pots. Plant the herbs in the right pot but before doing so, you should purchase the needed supplies from the local nursery or garden center.

The Santa Clara County Master Gardeners’ Spring Garden Market opens for a single day, March 31st from 9am-2pm, at History Park in San Jose. The market offers an enormous variety of Santa Clara Master Gardener-grown tomato and pepper plants as well as some varieties of other vegetables, herbs, and ornamental flowers. Go early, bring a wheeled cart or other mechanism for wrangling your purchases, cash (or check) and lots of patience.

Sometimes, you want to liven your bread up and add extra ingredients like fruits and nuts to it. You will need to add these extra ingredients at the correct time though. The Breadman TR555LC makes this very easy to it. It has a little beeper that goes off when it is time for you to add fruits, nuts, or Growing herbs to the dough.

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While we called Pastine home, we were able to explore much of Tuscany and beyond. The castello was a great staging center and an excellent castle away from home. Would we go back? In a hearbeat.