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If your husband or boyfriend cheated on you, one of the most difficult things to deal with is the stream of haunting images that flood your mind. No matter what you do you just can’t seem to focus on anything else throughout the day besides your husband and the other woman. It is enough to drive you mad and make you nearly unable to function through the day at work or with errands. I know the pain myself. There were several times when I just had to duck out of the office and go weep in the restroom for a few minutes and pull myself together again. What can you do to deal with these haunting images of your husband’s affair?

Switch to a healthy diet that has a balance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, In other words – organic. Carbohydrates or saturated fats are things to avoid. Daily multivitamin tablets can also help women with thinning hair loss. Helpful vitamins for the hair are vitamin B, C and E. The protein present in fish is excellent for the hair. If you have already tried all of this, then try a scalp message or an LOMBALGIA treatment. For women who will or are already going through their menopause, they can consult a physician and seek support for some hormone balancing pills. Most importantly, remember that, you will look as healthy as your state of mind is. If you are perpetually stressed out, then work on that. This is because stress, anger, disappointment affects the condition of your hair.

What’s up: Birth control pills and the Merena IUD can reduce your flow. If you’re not on hormonal birth control and you see nothing but a little bit of staining and only require a light panty liner or pad, it could be a thyroid problem. Otherwise, in Chinese medicine it could be due what we call a blood or yin deficiency.

Writers tend to have tight shoulders. By 1999 my shoulders woke me up every night shouting at me. The Chi machine shut them up for four years. Then I slipped in some grease in a gas station and turned back to Western medicine. I now have two new shoulders.

Ergonomics – sometimes correct posture may be hard if you are not having a comfortable work/sitting place, Ensure that the lumbar area is sustained and your backside has enough support when you want to sit back on the chair. Be sure to stand every thirty minutes to stretch or stroll around in order to help avoid stiffness and improved pain.

The best way to cope with this problem is to seek professional help, psychologically and physically. This professional help can provide you with the best resources for dealing with the issues before they have a chance to get out of control.

The great thing about taking a “flavor-forward” approach to food is that you will be adding zest, interest and variety into your diet. What a great side-effect as you start dropping weight more effectively!