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When it comes to racket based games everyone knows that one of the most crucial offenses is a good defense. That’s why when you are truly trying to win a game- you have to make sure that you do the best when it comes your turn to serve.

Smashes. This is perhaps the most popular or the most feared of all the badminton shots. Hit high shots quick and hard. This is a strategy one uses when they want to end the game quickly. It is best to aim at side part of the court to make your opponent run. And because this is designed to be hit high but land low, there is a big chance that your opponent would not catch the shot.

A tight grip then restricts the amount of power available to these muscles, which only leads to a poor result and disappointment for the player. If you consistently grip the shuttle too tight, then you’re running the risk of injuring your elbow. Tennis or golfers elbow is extremely painful and is frequently caused by your grip being too tight, or your racket grip being too small for the size of your hand.

Be sure to sneak in a fresh fruit to at least one meal each day. You can include some strawberries to your bowl of cereals. I usually start my day by having a bowl of cereals with low-fat milk, a banana and a cup of green tea.

There are lot of sports activities available now. However one particular example is Badminton. This is the quickest racket sport in the world and may substitute to the sport of tennis. Its shuttlecock travels to a distance of 200 miles per hour which may be faster than a Euro Star travel train. No wonder why many people love this kind of sport because it is enjoying and can be a form of exercise too. It will enhance your endurance, agility and most especially flexibility. Badminton is a sport that must be taken seriously especially those who find passion on this subject. This can be a medium of self discovery and sportsmanship too.

Using the wrong badminton racket is a common cause for injuries. Seek advice from the racket dealer or any professionals on what racket best suits you.

The size of a court for the single’s game is 44 feet long X 17 feet wide while for a doubles’ match it’s 44 feet long X 20 feet wide. The net is fixed at a height of 5 feet.

It’s been many years since I last played Badminton or caught lightening bugs in my front yard, but it doesn’t take much to awaken those memories in my heart. The smell of freshly-cut grass or the deep green scent of a pine tree, the swooshing sound of a birdie being hit by a badminton racket, the keen, echoing chirp of a katydid, and of course, the tiny glow of a lightening bug are all it takes to carry me back to my most treasured childhood memory – Badminton and Lightening Bugs.