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I went to the University of Stellenbosch for four years to study a BA in Language and Culture and after that I got my Honours in Afrikaans and Dutch. I didn’t take a gap year. I just dove right in. Stellenbosch is a few minutes from Cape Town and famous for its buzzing student life. Half the town centre is taken up by the campus and it’s not a small town by any means.

Now does giving really make us happy? If we give wholeheartedly, yes it does. A lot of get inspired writers have stated that in the past. That in giving, there is joy. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Seth Godin, and many others have professed their belief that in love and giving comes true honest-to-goodness happiness. They have experienced it. They breath it.

2) Are you God: Recently, we had some debate and argument and someone asked me, “Do you think, you are God?” Let’s not venture into an unknown area. We all know that in present world Human Beings and not even Humane. Humanity exists only in books. We all make mistakes, in fact, at times I make blunders. So, accept it. Say, “Sorry”. By saying, “Sorry”, you will not become small; your status will not fall. But, what to do, we all are ruled by our ego and false pride. Let’s change our approach, change our thinking and learn from our mistakes and the first step towards that is “Accepting our Fault and accepting our Mistakes”.

What’s Wrong (Go Away) – An unfortunate match in hell between Jennifer Hudson and T-Pain. Musically the song is great, but T-Pain’s vocals leaves Roger Troutman very much desired. I know T-Pain is the second coming of that genre but he’s better suited with rappers like Lil’ Wayne.

Do not expect results instantly. These things take time. You may stumble along the way, get rejected, shut out most of the time as your child grows up, don’t feel bad about it but instead, know that you acknowledge these events and make this a motivation and not stop trying. You’re child will soon learn that your efforts to give positive discipline helped them feel that you care about the person that they will become.

But if you think about it, the more practical or material attributes and resources all become available to you once you have the 7 critical success keys.

They are consistent over the long haul building their business – you don’t get to the top in sport or in business with just a 1-week or 1-month effort.

Following the above steps will see you well on your way to achieving your goal of quitting your marijuana habit. After a short while, you will be living a happy, drug free, life.