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Over the weekend, we took a quick trip by ferry (always a favorite weekend pursuit), across the water to Vashon Island. There was a wonderful art show taking place, but what excited us even more was our first visit to the incredible Giraffe Global Gallery.

We were officially back together on the 29th of July, 2010. I still smile stupidly when I see that confirmation on her Discover my topics on Facebook “In a relationship”, knowing that it’s with me. It’s all been so quick but I feel like I’m floating happily amongst the clouds.

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That was back in February 2009. It’s now September 2010. As I’m writing this, I’m also chatting to my beautiful girlfriend… yes, the one who was my ex, all thanks to this dude. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, just to get everything out and to hopefully inspire people to never give up on love.

This is the coziest, sweetest suite this side of a treehouse and beautifully outfitted with eco-friendly gear. We could easily spend a few days here delighting in all Vashon has to offer. What a perfect getaway for a special birthday or anniversary. Rates start at $129 Depending on the season .