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Why do myths, these simple sometimes naive tales, survive for so many centuries? What keeps then alive? We may suspect that their survival can be explained by a function, an important function that they performed and still perform in our days. If we do suspect that, we are right. The old myths and tales survive because they touch a string in our unconscious, and teach us lessons for life.

As I said earlier, Cranky Boomer Men just need to chill. We know the solutions don’t rest alone in a pill that we’ll need to take or the trip to the gym we refuse to make and the acceptance that we Cranky Boomer Men don’t need to suffer alone or in silence.

One thing that does this is if the woman seems to be needy. Male says that men are very turned off if she throws herself at him. Throwing yourself at him, calling or texting him all the time, talking endlessly, these are not things that will make a guy fall in love with you. He will not want to commit to you if you act like this. There is no attraction in being needy.

Mr. Scorsese, I mean Marty, talked about George Harrison’s life and spirituality during his years as a true psychologist and sociologist. He showed true ageless wisdom when it came to directing. He was a great leader with great collaboration skills. He is a man of power, a man of true happiness when looking at his work.

But of course the fear makes us deny our desires, and the lack of desire makes us less willing to tackle the obstacles, and our unwillingness confines us more tightly within our fears, in a vicious cycle.

She’s just a big baby, and shits as must as one big human baby, or as often I should say, as one. She had my sympathies for a while, but to be truthful, it is waning.

Finally, draw some conclusions from this exercise. Pick just a couple of new behaviors from your flight of fancy and try them on. Begin to gently align yourself with the directions from your inner values-compass. A little more each day, make small choices which are congruent with what you love most. This is the way of real transformation and you will be amazed by how your life can change in a short time when you move beyond resolutions and discover your own path of blissful purpose.