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Be it a real estate agent, broker or company everyone should have a website to build up their business in the market. If a person creates a website, internet users from all over the world can contact you and make an inquiry for moving in your geographical location. A real estate web design can pass on his business information to another client who stays in another part of the world without physically traveling to her.

Once you have these free items, assuming you also have your own domain name and Weebly service, it’s as simple as adding the text you want to the free template and then uploading your newly created pages to your web hosting company.

To find free website templates, just head over to Google and simply do a search for “free website templates”. Once you’ve found one you’re happy with, download that to your computer and then get your free website editing software.

Should you have to build you own site you will also have to buy a domain name and pay to get it hosted. The cost for a domain name is minimal at only about $10 a year. When you buy a domain name you are basically staking your claim on a parcel of the internet. Just like when the pioneers staked their claim on parcels of land, you now own a piece of the internet.

Like the loving couple Jane and Bob, your website needs a loving partner too. It’s time to step away from the cheap “link building” campaigns. Google is now looking at how good a link is by calculating how long website visitors stay whilst at a link. It’s time to start building solid business relationships with other websites.

Instead, all you need is some no cost HTML software and a free website template. All of which can be located on the internet, and…you guessed it…for FREE!

Those who are searching for web hosting will come across big names in the web hosting world such as Hostgator. At the time of writing the company offers unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space from less than $5 per month.