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Google Penguin is the latest algorithm that created a great buzz in SEO realm since its inception has scared the daylights out of every blogger. A lot of bloggers have even tried to cut off their deals with seemingly less known SEO firms and links exchange schemes were completely thrown right into the trash.

Don’t limit your choices into local web design ers only. You can go for a Web Design Company overseas because the work doesn’t depend on the geographical location of the company or where the professionals put their desk and computers. Even though hiring overseas companies might cause issues like language barriers and time difference. If you are finding it as a problem go with a company within your country.

As an owner not from the US, I would rather compete with companies that are more local than not, simply because the results would then be relevant. Irrelevant results equal to poor results and less people take the search results seriously when they keep sifting through poor quality results online.

Learn about seo. You will not possibly excel in this field, no matter how useful and informative your articles are, if your copies are difficult to find online. Avoid this from happening by learning even the basics of You need to know how you can identify the keywords that you need to use on your content. You also need to know the algorithms of search engines and the ropes of LSI technique.

Ask someone to try out your web design company throughout the designing process. When you finish a new site feature, have an impartial observer test it and give feedback. Things that may seem inconsequential to you, such as graphics that load slowly, may appear to be major obstacles to other people. Use the wisdom of others who are outside your immediate circle to get an opinion.

Each day, more and more websites are coming online, so the competition is increasing every now and then. Definitely, you all know that search engines are smart, so their criteria for judging are tough and strict.

An important point here is that PR in itself does not help you get more traffic. Some people assume that if your PR is above a certain threshold (i.e. PR 6), they will receive a lot of traffic. Although that could happen, it is more practical & lucrative to target the keywords you want to rank high for, and then work on the Page Rank.