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The hardest part of a diet is deciding to really start one. Over the past year I gained a total of 13lbs. It’s been a combination of eating just about everything not nailed down (what? I’m in love and nesting), not working out as much (again, I’m in love) and taking birth control for the first time ever.

After you’ve baked, stacked and frosted the cakes you can then do any number of designs to make the cake more appropriate for the occasion. Cover the tiers with shredded coconut and use candies to make an Easter theme. Or, cover it in red frosting, trim it with chocolate covered cherries, and serve it at Christmas. Not a holiday? Cover a chocolate-frosted cake with Cocoa Krispies for a unique treat everyone will love. Purchase candies, like dinner mints, CBD gummies, chocolates and other choices to create the theme for each particular cake.

There are many original ways to decorate the Christmas tree. The point is to think about a theme and find the materials to make the ornaments. The first rule of a good Christmas decorator is never throw away anything, decorations from past years can be used in the future, like they are or remaking them. Second rule, sky is the limit, dare to improvise and experiment, decoration is an art, and must be brave. Third rule, try to make the Christmas tree’s decoration a family event, it is a good chance to work as a team, and to strength bonds.

It’s best if you make the fruit and confections shish kabob just before the party or meal. Although most of them items on the sticks can be refrigerated juice from the fruits tend to be absorbed by other items on the kabob. Instead make the CBD gummies kabob right before the party. Place paper towels on a serving dish then cover with wax paper. Poke holes in the wax paper with one of the kabob sticks or toothpick. Now arrange the kabob on the platter and excess juice will be absorbed by the paper toweling.

More classic is to have a family pictures decorated Christmas tree, you can put the family photos inside clear balls and hung them, or, if you want more originality, collect a lot of pictures from all your family, glue them to pieces of carton, add a string to the back and hung them all around the branches. Do not forget to write the names under the photos, so your children can learn about their families.

Next up to serve is Chef Hughes. His savory dish is a Popcorn and Seafood Cream with Bacon and Popcorn Wilted Greens. Simon thought it was “a bit of a train wreck”. His sweet dish was a Vanilla Popcorn Pudding. Chef Symon and Robert both love the pudding and the ingenuity behind it.

Well, whatever movie you end up seeing, lets pray that is a great one. And who knows, maybe it will be one that inspires you to take action and flirt.