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For a woman, hair is considered as her crown. The longer it is, the more beautiful you are in the eyes of everyone. Also, with longer hair, more hairstyles can be tried on you. Sometimes, this can be the most fun thing to play with. Short hairstyles sometimes click and you go for it because you saw how it looked good on others and assumed that it will be the same for you. But what happens if it doesn’t? Hair extensions can help you get rid of the frustration you’re having with your hair.

This is a bit controversial. But here are some of the information I got from my research and from asking 15 of my girl-friends who are and were using extensions.

A lace frontal has many applications. For women who have suffered from hair damage, receding hairlines or alopecia, lace frontals aid in natural and fuller hair. Since most damage is incurred in the first few inches of the hairline, lace frontal cover this damage. Also, many women who simply want a natural hairline for hand tied weft hair extensions or weaves install lace frontals.

I have a friend who was beginning to bald and as you can imagine, was extremely self-conscious about it. I recommended the full lace front wig to her because not only is it a high quality wig, but it is so easy to attach. She also needed a wig that was very durable and would not tear because she has 4 kids so the full lace front wig was the perfect solution for her. And now her tied hair extensions looks much fuller and healthier with the wig, if I hadn’t been the one to tell her about the wig, I would have never guessed that she wears one! But the best part is she has her confidence back.

A bonnet hair dryer on the other hand is very simple. It has a unit that you mount on the wall and a cap that you put over your head. When you switch it on, hot air is blown into the cap heating your hair evenly. This gives you the option of you brushing your hair in place, putting on your cap and putting on your make-up while your hair dries.

The array of styles and colours is astounding. They come straight or in curls, long or short and can be matched to one’s natural growth perfectly. In addition, the colours can be added or removed without causing any damage. One’s appearance can be drastically changed for any occasion or just for everyday wear.

If you need a new look or you need to cover your thinning hairline, finding the right type of wig is the first step to solve your problem. When you are able to get one, you can change your look anytime you wish.