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1) Set aside some time, even if it’s just an hour every day looking for jobs. If you do it in the morning, it’ll make you feel better later in the day, as you’ll feel you are taking steps towards your job-hunting process. If you have a partner, they will appreciate it too, knowing you are making good use of your time.

As their overall win rate on all forecast opportunities was 52% (higher than the software industry average of 48%) it was clear that as far as RFP’s were concerned this was a disaster area for them. Where RFP’s were involved their chances of losing were 4 to 1 – a huge waste of scarce pre- sales and domain resources! How does your RFP success stack up?

Two other lucky miners, by the name of Kirkpatrick and McAllister, had a very narrow escape from death. They jumped away from the place where they had been working just as the accident happened. They were carried away by an avalanche of dirt down a trash chute spring to a lower level of the mine where they succeeded escaping danger.

Step 1 – Along with you business partners (if applicable), jot down a list of all the necessary equipment items needed to run your business effectively. Categorize these lists according to different specialties such as cleaning, cooking, and furniture. Make sure to be specific, and include estimated quantities.

What are your annual sales goats? Quarterly targets? Monthly ambitions? Weekly objectives? Every day targets? What day-to-day activity should you generate to attain these ambitions?

“Do we know anyone within this buying company? Does anyone in our company know his peers in their company? Does our CEO know their CEO or does our CFO know their CFO? Do we know any former employees? Any board members?…If you don’t… think about skipping this RFP. You won’t be able to present yourself in your chutes parts best light”.

And that’s precisely his problem. He didn’t realize that selling isn’t about being a great closer. Selling is about being a great opener. It’s about creating opportunities. It’s about discovering what people want and need, and then giving them the solution to their problem. Selling is about making the customer’s life better, easier. But when you’re not opening customers – creating opportunities – you’ve nothing to close. “What kind of customer contact records do you keep?” I asked.

The Murray 1695537 snow blower offers a maximum clearing width of 21 inches. The plastic chute is clog-resistant, so you can use it in wet snow. You can also adjust the chute up to 180 degrees using the basic crank mechanism. The Briggs & Stratton engine can produce up to 78 inch pounds of net torque. It is also a 4-cycle design, so you don’t have to worry about mixing gas and oil.