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The famous Kwong Siew Association Guan Di Temple is commonly know as just ‘Guan Di Temple’. The Kwong Siew Association is clan association, one of the many in Malaysia. A clan association refers to a gathering of Chinese immigrants who had come from the same province in China. Think of it as a club for people whose ancestors came from the same area, or a place where people with the same family name gather. This Association was established by migrants from the Guangdong Province in China; from the areas of Kwong Foo and Siew Foo, hence the name Kwong Siew. It was constructed in 1888 by artisans from China and restored in 1995. It also hosts a Taoist temple dedicated to the Chinese deity Guan Di, or the Taoist God of War and Literature- hence the name Guan Di Temple.

Prague was one of the cheapest destinations in Europe until last decade when visitors from around the world started paying attention to it. The city has a magnificent facade which is attractive to everyone. Hotel booking fares are also very reasonable but it seems that they won’t be like this for long.

These were not easy times. This strong woman held it all together. That was her duty as a woman and that was what she taught me. You cook, you clean, you keep peace in the home. When you are done with that, you work, you learn, you contribute to your community, and you do all these things on a daily basis. As a woman you always have many balls in the air and, while juggling your own, you are also responsible for juggling the balls of those in your home. They are all ultimately your responsibility.

Istanbul is one of the most historic cities in Europe and the world. It has been getting expensive over the last few years but is still quite budget friendly. Hotel booking fares are also fairly cheap throughout the year. High season in Istanbul lasts from May to August when the weather is great. Istanbul is a very historic city with several archaeological masterpieces from the history.

The German soldier and their allies represented the front line defense against the evils of Bolshevism. Tje campaign against Bolshevism was quiet clear to the German soldier, German Ally, Legionnaire and Volunteer Corps of the fighting S.S.

If you are going to enter into an international or even inter-racial relationship, you had better learn how to control your temper. It is the most important advice you will ever get. Being tolerant of other points of view is important too, but not getting angry is more important. Furthermore, you must try to learn something about your partner’s land, European festivals and language, otherwise you cannot join in any discussion your partner may have with someone who does know a bit about it.

11:00 AM – Family Fundays at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, 1419 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga. The Hollow Trees play their folksy tunes at this bucolic setting. $8. For more information, call (310) 455-3723.

What did they see that England and America, the allies who saved Bolshevism from defeat, did not see? Ilions of brave soldiers died in their failed caused trying to stop Bolshevism from conquering the world.