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I have been aware of the Law of Attraction for a few years now and there has been proof in my life, both good and not so good at different times, that this is the real deal. Very simply: What you think about and how you feel about it is what you attract.

Here are some things we can do: We can tap (EFT) on our negative emotions and fill our life with love and peace; we can meditate and send our love; and we can pray with an open heart and send blessings, love and all the good Tomorrow is a new day. The most important thing is to fill our lives with positive vibes, love and peace; only then, we can help other people by sending our positive emotions their way.

Feel that he is with you now. Every morning take out his picture and look at it with positive thoughts for awhile and then kiss him good vibes as you leave for work. When you return from work, get his picture out again, kiss him hello and look at him with positive thoughts that you will soon be together in the flesh. Take the picture out again at night and affirm the fact that you will soon be together. Then kiss him goodnight and get a good night’s sleep. Repeat this each day and night.

If you want to attract boys then you’re going to need confidence. You’ve heard this before but it’s true. You can’t attract a guy if you always act unsure about yourself. If you want him to find you attractive then you should be able to carry yourself well and act like you have a lot of self-confidence.

If you have a big space, you should place your bed near your door and not you window. You should keep your door close when you are sleeping. Keep a beautiful object beside your bed; make sure that this will be the first thing that you will see when you wake up in the morning. Pictures are also great; you can place a photo of yourself, your family member or someone special to you.

In the first step, you want to be crystal clear about what Mr. Right means to you. What you want is a man that satisfies your needs in every area of your life, not just the physical. You want him to be romantic, loving and passionate. You also want him to be supportive, exciting, financially secure and a great friend.

You really can make your own luck in life if you choose to. You really do have the power to create a life that you love. So I hope that you’ll take these tips and start to apply them in your life. And pretty soon your friends will be talking about how “lucky” you are.