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Online marriage counseling is becoming increasingly more popular over the last few years – And for very good reasons. Online couples counseling services offer the same qualified and experienced professionals (via phone, chat or email), but with added benefits that traditional counseling just can’t provide. Some people opt for ongoing counseling with a single counselor, while others choose a single session with a counselor just for guidance on a specific matter.

Depending on the nature and severity of your marital problems, marriage counselling services singapore could take as little as just a few sessions, or, counseling can continue until you feel that you are ready to stop. It’s completely up to you.

The short answer to this query is NO. For some couples, unfortunately, it can be too late. This is a huge problem that is encountered by a lot of couples and it has led many to believe that marriage counseling is not good. The problem is that we normally wait too long to solve the problems in the relationship and that can make it harder to fix them. Before we know it we drift apart and there is so much damage done that the love is gone. When that happens, it takes investment and marriage education to get it back. Also, some couples chose to trust an incompetent counselor.

I also offered J. an alternative to empty-nest syndrome for her to consider, looking at another theoretical ground and potential explanation: the Push-Pull theory. Generally speaking the concept holds that most deviations from a relationship is not because the person is being pulled (attracted) to a new circumstance or a relationship but mainly because he or she perceives that they are being pushed away from their current one.

Well sometimes it’s not the best idea. Close family and friends should give their support. They should be somebody to count on, a friend to listen to you. So why not for advice then?

As Partners -As married people, and as Christians, we have a big job to do. We’ve got to overcome the temptations and distractions that arise in daily life. If you want to save Christian marriage, it’s absolutely essential that you work on these things together – and be sure to include God in the big picture!

There are numerous reasons for choosing to opt for Marriage Counseling Online but some of the more common ones include not being able to attend regular sessions or having a preference for the relative anonymity of “doing it online”.

Through an ongoing Online Marriage Counseling program, including both joint and individual sessions, K. and her husband managed to reconcile and were able to have a much more fulfilling and nurturing family and personal relationship.

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