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Well, for starters, there is the most obvious one – you would be able to lean back in your sofa and make good use of the headrest while you watch your favourite shows. If that was not enough, you would also be able to save a lot of space in the room, where you have installed the TV. Just make sure that the TV is mounted high enough on the wall, so that you or your family members do not get hit in the head while you pass by. Digital antenna installation might prove to be a little problematic though, if you have invested in an indoor antenna. Go for a large one, which can be mounted on your roof. That should solve this tiny problem.

Many of us are considering twice before they want to go to the theaters. Why bother when you have the ability to make one in your living room! But in order to execute this you must find out a way to place your flat LCD screen television to the wall. The only way you are able to do this is with the assistance of a tv wall mount installation.

The VESA Standard is a dimension that every Television set manufacturer employs. You will find mounting hole patterns which could be found in the backside of one’s Television. The Television set suppliers supply a report on the actual proportions meant for the VESA Standard installation pattern which you’ll next take into consideration.

You may be having any type of TV like LCD, Plasma, flat Panel, LCD wall mount, fixed wall mount etc. and want to mount them on your wall, so to maintain the standard of your wall mounted products, it is better to check the products are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories. Once it is listed in that laboratory, you will be sure that the product has passed all the quality tests and safe for purchase. In addition to this, search for a wall mount system with built-in cord management system, because it will enclose your cords. The good warranty of the products will remove you from many worries, if it appears in some cases. The best products carry at least five years of warranty.

Flat wall mount – The most basic and affordable wall mount available for flat screen LCD TVs. The flat wall mount is a good choice to put up the TV screen in living rooms with a simple seating arrangement in front of the TV set.

Flat TV Wall Mounts. These mounts are very basic and their major advantage is that the television is very close to the wall maybe up to 2″ max. They do not tilt up and down, the Television is parallel to the wall at all times. Their major disadvantage is that once the TV is up on the wall it is very difficult to plug any new cables to the back of the TV, because the TV is too close to the wall. In such a case you have to dismount the TV, plug in the new cables and then mount the TV again. The Flat TV Wall mounts cost $25 to $50 depending on the size of you TV. These are universal mounts and you can choose a range that fits different TV sizes. They usually offered for TV sizes 32in to 42in, 37in to 55in or 37in to 60in.

You might find that the quality of a plasma TV is much greater than other types of TV’s, especially when it comes to action movies and video games. The reason behind this is less motion blur, due to high refresh rates and response times. They also have a much greater viewing angle than an LCD, which can come in handy for those who sit off to the side a bit.

Full Motion LCD TV Wall Mount As the name suggests, this type of LCD TV bracket offer full-motion tilting feature. The full motion TV wall mount is the most expensive type of bracket sold in the market. Moreover, it is also quite complicated to install. The full motion wall mount often include moving pieces, which function to allow the bracket to be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Normally, you would require 2-3 people to help you install the bracket properly. The arm adjoining the bracket to the wall allows it to be easily adjusted according to the viewing preference of the user.

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