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Since most condos are 7 day minimum rentals and almost all homes 28 day minimum rentals, if one were to be so unfortunate as to only have a night or 2 to spend in paradise, they really have few alternatives to staying in a hotel or inn.

When we got our first glance at our new home for the next week, I was impressed, but not in awe with the appearance of the main lobby where you check in. However after being greeted with a Bahama Mamma, an ice cold alcoholic drink at the door by an extremely nice door greeter, I felt more at home.

Although we were not in the market for illegal substances, we did actually wander over to his hut and have him cut us open a fresh coconut which he literately climbed a coconut tree to get. For $5.00 it was an event I will likely never forget. It put me in that tropical vacation mood. Just witnessing him cut us open a coconut from a tree he just climbed was another surreal moment.

The coordinator of the wedding should ensure there are tents and find outdoor umbrellas in brisbane for shade. This is very important because spending the entire day in the sun with no shade can cause heat exhaustion and be harmful to your health.

Make sure you apply sunscreen numerous times throughout the day. Encourage your guests to do so as well. Indicate on the invitation that the wedding is outdoors and remind them to bring sunscreen. Here’s an idea – hand out small decorative bottles of sunscreen as an early wedding favor for your guests.

We managed to book for the next night, and it was the last time we booked at this restaurant. Seeing how we booked for the last time reservation, 70% of what was offered on the menu was ‘sold out’. We would have had a better variety if we had just gone to the Junkanoo.

The next thing to think about is when you want to have the festivities. Some choose to throw a party the very night of the graduation, but others want to make it an afternoon affair. Get with the graduate and find out what kinds of plans they have before making a decision.

If you are looking for a resort that offers the best snorkeling and the best reef/reefs on the island, this is the place you will want to stay. If you are looking for 5 star pampering, this may not be for you.