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When you think of having a leaflet distribution campaign, you must know that you have only a few seconds in which you can impress the customer. When the leaflet reaches the hand of the customer, he will either have a look at it or throw it in the trash bin. Unless the leaflet is very innovatively designed and offers something unusual to the customer, he will not feel like looking at it. There might be other printed material with the leaflet and the recipient will only give his attention to the one which is the most interesting. Therefore, unless you can make the leaflet stand out, it will be immediately rejected by the recipient. You have to be very creative and make the leaflet by thinking about which color, shape and design will be best for your business needs.

Monday – Write one article and submit it to the top two article directories and mass submit it to a leaflet distribution. After the article marketing is complete find as many quality link partners as possible including directories. The length of time you take on this will be determined by how much time you have in the day and the need for links coming into your online home business. If you can get just one or two quality links today then you have met your goal.

After you have gone through your initial discussion with the company and explained to them your plan asked them about what they are planning to do for you the next step is to ask for advice. As these companies do leaflet distributions every single day they have a lot more experience than you do. Consider them as the experts of the industry and its very good to have an expert opinion or advice. Ask them what they think could help you more in getting results etc.

No more partying for the pure joy of it, filmmakers use every opportunity to party as a way to get their film out there. Change the typical way you host parties.

Okay, now back to the digital. Whatever you do, make sure your flyer design matches the design on your website, including your logo. Choose a good quality printer to reflect your standard. Far too many flyers I see have been hastily put together with scant regard for any artwork or design. That’s 50% of your potential customers lost.

The average Joe isn’t interested in many of the movies that come out on the big screen like you assume. Instead, he is more interested in what is happening in his own neighborhood and his wife is just as interested. Why is it your family movie hasn’t been shown at the local high school gymnasium, church or your R rated movie at the neighborhood bar? What about working with the owner of the neighborhood video store to get it in his or her store? Why don’t we see fliers promoting your movie? How come you haven’t bothered to employ your local college students to help you get the word out about your movie?

All of these tactics take time to implement. Take a task each day from this list and work on it until you have completed all twelve. Once you have finished these duties, start looking for other ideas you can accomplish within a certain deadline you have set for yourself. Without a deadline, you won’t get anything done. To your success!

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