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Being a nerd is the new cool. And, whether you really need the prescription or not, eyeglasses are the perfect topper to this trendy new look. Celebrities of all levels are indulging in the global craze with fancy, high dollar goggles from the same designers of shoes, clothing, and even cars. Not a celebrity millionaire? Don’t fret. There are some incredible options and value for anyone interested in a more inexpensive approach.

What symptoms might indicate a vision problem? Any time a bright person struggles with reading, further investigation is warranted. Consider these specific questions in relation to yourself as well as in relation to your children or students. Answering yes to even a few of the questions justifies further examination. Do not discount a “yes” even if it is limited to special circumstances, such as fatigue.

Carrots contain lots of beta-carotene, a raw material for your body to create vitamin A, not vitamin A itself! Nutrition is an important part of eye health but on itself, it will NOT help you rebuild your vision!

Lori Medoff, a divorced mother of two and a Montreal eye vision, told the new man in her life, Kenny Webber about her severe allergy to fish. Kenny accepted the news as just another facet in what he was hoping would become a relationship. When Webber arrived at Lori’s place with food, Lori noticed that sushi wasn’t all vegetarian. Salmon Roe was sprinkled on top.

Talk to your soon to be doctor and ask them about their experience with your particular condition, especially if you have special needs or you are looking forward to having a surgery. Find out how many patients the doctor has treated with the same condition and the success rate. This helps you determine if the doctor is the right one or not.

Check the credentials of your eye care provider. You can find all these in the waiting room, exam room or the office. If you do not find the credentials at one of these places, then you can ask the eye care provider to provide the information. If they d o not provide the same, then you should opt for another doctor.

The big problem was that nobody in the hospital communicated the abnormality in the patient’s brain TO THE PATIENT! The radiology report was simply filed in the patient’s chart, which was no longer in the emergency room, since the emergency room doctor discharged the patient shortly after the MRI was done. Nobody ever ‘red-flagged’ the report to see if the patient was recalled to the hospital, or to see if she received treatment for the abnormal mass in her head.

What are the rates of risks and complications that have occurred in your patients after you performed a Lasik eye surgery on them? How many successful outcomes have you had?