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In June 1986 archaeologists of Tel Aviv University announced discovery of two small silver amulets. These two silver scrolls were found in 1979 deep inside a burial cave at a site known as Ketef Hinnom, west of the old city of Jerusalem. They were hidden at the back of the tomb embedded in pottery fashioned as early as the seventh century BC.

Egypt: The Pyramids, of course, King Tutenkhamens Tomb, The Valley of The Kings. Wonderful places in their own right, but it’s not all about artefacts and spectacular buldings etc. The Egyptian people are generous, kind, and welcoming. Happy to share anything, even if they have very little themselves.

Bath Bombs. Bath Bombs are great as they fizz up when you first drop them in the bath releasing fragrance and salts into the water providing a relaxing environment of scent and detoxification. Bath bombs can range from $4-$12 each and are a single use application. You may want to steer clear of bath bombs with too much fragrance for any of your “scentsitive” friends.

We don’t know how the Spirit was manifested for the story turns quickly to a sorcerer wanting to buy what Peter and John had. But this Simon that wanted to have some of this power for himself had witnessed something that convinced him these people were different.

As I list them here, I’m sure you’ll say “Well, that’s nothing new.” But for many of the people who were listening, it was like he was unrolling the Bethlehem scrolls and reading a secret that had been lost for thousands of years.

Paul, who as a Pharisee was most often known as Saul, was persecuting followers of the Way in jerusalem. Many of them did not hang around town to be locked up or stoned. They scattered to surrounding areas.

We spend far too much time hanging our heads ashamed of what we have done. We spend too much time reliving the mistakes of our past. We spend too much time second guessing our decisions.

We see a time of peace granted to this early church that was on the precipice of taking the good news of Jesus Christ farther than any of these early believers imagined.