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Weddings! Everybody gets excited about weddings, the couple as well their relatives are happy because they are getting married, some others maybe because it means great food. Weddings are special occasions often with a lot of dancing, rituals and lots of shiny dresses and jewelry.

Live performance is certainly helpful for selecting the best. You can ask DJ to show what kind of music is available with him. You can also ask a CD of any previous wedding that he attended which will show his ability to make your wedding a memorable event.

A few tips when considering what Race night hire Music to ask for are: What song did you and your future spouse first dance to? What song would you like to use for the father, daughter dance? What songs do you consider will be fun for others to dance to? And finally, What songs do you not want them to play? All of these questions should help you decide the selection as well as how to select the DJ you are considering.

Also, big companies may send out somebody else to showcase stuff to you so make sure that you talk to the actual DJ. Confirm that the guy you’re talking to will be the one performing on the actual night. Some companies will send out other unknown DJs after securing a contract in the name of some well known DJ under one pretext or the other. It won’t be hard to confirm such things from the internet though!

You might say “Wait, $2000 for a DJ to stand there and just play music?” Here is where the distinction between a run of the mill DJ and a wedding entertainer. A wedding entertainer is not just the DJ. She is a full entertainment service. This means that your reception is managed from planning to delivery of your dream. The company should work with you to plan every detail of the reception from Grand Entrance to Grand Exit. Every item of detailed planned for; first dance, cake cutting, special moments. The professional wedding entertainer also works with all the vendors at the event to ensure things like special moment pictures, makes sure parents of VIPs are in the room to witness the first dance.

If you have not hired a separate co-coordinator to make special announcements, then certainly your DJ will perform this function. He may make special announcements like when the bride and groom enters the hall, when the wedding cake is to be cut, when they will come on dance floor etc. He arranges various traditional songs in an order in a CD to avoid any confusion. Everybody comes to know what is going to happen next when an announcement is made before the event. It adds thrill and joy to your wedding when everything happens in an order and according to your wish. Thus, it saves your money and he co-ordinates all events properly if he is trained enough to do all this.

When you are viewing a Dee Jay’s website, look to make sure she or he has references. Also, you might feel as asking the Dee Jay whether he or she has a tape of himself recorded at another bridal. When you have a short listing of Dee Jays, meet the potential DJ in person. This manner, you can find out their personalities and make certain their “appearance” is acceptable for your bridal. Make sure the Dee Jay’s songs are up to date, especially if you plan to make use of a lot of current songs. Nothing keeps persons out of the dance floor much than tired tunes.

These were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for a wedding DJ. This is not a decision that you can rush into, take your time and start planning ahead of time.